Founders Journey


Dr. Paresh Patel, the founder of the trust and hospital, did his primary and secondary schooling in Vasna and Borsad, respectively. On completion of his schooling he was declared the National Scholar. For higher education he joined V. P Science College, Vallabh Vidyanagar and was ranked among the top ten in first year examination and subsequently got admitted in the medical school of the M. S. University of Baroda from where he obtained a degree of M.B.B.S. At that juncture of life Paresh married to Chandralekha Patel, and went to Uganda to begin his medical career. As he was preparing for the journey to Uganda, an elder person in Vasna commented “How is your education benefiting your country, now that you are leaving?” He heard that comment, not realizing how it would haunt him for years and become the inspiration for what is Shraddha Hospital today.

Paresh joined the surgery department of Jinja Government Hospital, Jinja, Uganda. However, he had to leave Uganda in early 1970 as Idi Amin expelled the Asian population. He immigrated to America and interned in New York. Subsequently he moved to suburban Cleveland, Ohio, where he completed his residency, and became a board certified Surgeon. Dr. Paresh established his private practice in Elyria, Ohio.His wife also initiated her private practice as a radiation oncologist in the same country.

From 1996, he began to organize surgical camps in different parts of India for duration of one month every year rendering free surgical services to the indigent population.


In 2003, Paresh stopped his practice in Elyria, Ohio and moved to India to start a surgical clinic. At that time, some of his Chovis Gam relatives and friends came up with the idea of opening a full-service hospital in Borsad, that triggered the birth of Chovis Gam Sachchidanand Medical and Research Centre (CGSM&RC). Paresh extended the seed-donation to CGSM&R. which was used towards the purchase of land on Singlav Road on which stands the new hospital building. Without waiting for the present facility to take shape Paresh started operating a 35-bed hospital in a unused dormitory facility at the Excellent English Medium School in Vehra in 2008. Since past twenty years, Dr. Paresh has dedicated his time and effort serving the Chovis Gam and nearby communities as president and chief medical officer of the hospital. As of 2019 the hospital has treated over 100,000 patients and performed 10,000 surgical procedures.

The Journey continues..

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