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Dr, Paresh Patel


Born on March 1, 1943 in Vasana, a remote village of Central Gujarat, Paresh Patel got his primary and secondary education in and around his birth place. He went to the MS University of Baroda for Medical education where he successfully completed MBBS in the year 1967.

From 1968-71 he served Government hospital in Uganda in various capacities. For equipping himself in the field of Surgical Science he opted to study in the USA. After doing internship in Fordham Hospital, Bronx, New York (1971-72), he worked as a resident doctor in Springfield Hospital, USA during 1972-74, and in Lakewood Hospital during 1974-77. During 1977-82 he worked as a resident doctor in Fairy Hospital USA and qualified for F.A.C.S (General Surgery).

After getting such a high qualification he started private practice in General, Laparoscopic and Cancer Surgery from 1982 to 2004. During this time he was also attached to the following highly recognized and art of the state hospitals in the state of Ohio, USA.

A teacher in him extended training to young surgeons in the field of Laparoscopic Surgery in USA as well as in Gujarat and Punjab, India from 1990 till this date. India he conducted training programs through camps held in various towns with the help of local Medical Institutes and NGOs.

In his young age he recognized the need of social service in the field of Health Care in India. Such seed of social service in his mind drove him to thinking of leaving his very busy and rewarding private practice in USA and come back home to serve his countrymen in 2004. Paresh was not the lone in his mission, but was lucky to have Chandralekha as his spouse. She too was highly recognized Oncologist throughout Cleveland USA. She too did not take a second to leave very busy practice in the field of Oncology to join his mission. The couple on mission was looking for a suitable location for the establishment of a multi-specialty hospital around his birthplace. With the help of the local countrymen, he could obtain 37232 sqm of land near the town of Borsad in Central Gujarat where a Multi-Specialty Hospital was established under a public charity trust in the year 2005. As on this date it functions in full fledge serving thousands of people in around the town.

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